Pierre Roberge
Senior Product Designer
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I helped Accountants better manage the Tax Season

Wolters Kluwer : Canada (Innovation Lab)

Project Goals

I worked for 4 years in the Innovation Lab of Wolters Kluwer, the leader in Tax Software in Canada.  The goal of the Lab was to create new products and help the company increase its revenues.

My Role

I was responsible for all "Voice of the Customer (VOC)" initiatives and new product creation.  I organized idea tournaments, where we gathered existing clients and brainstormed with them on new products to help them better and I did dozens of site visits where I would better understand all aspects of their work in order to find unmet needs.

For the Taxprep Dashboard project, I ran the whole startup project from need identification, to product design, market release and customer support.


Client Interviews

Eight accounting firms were visited where client interviews were conducted with partners and employees of the firm.  The focus was to understand how accounting firms currently managed the Personal Tax Season across the province of Quebec.  Identify the pain points, product and business opportunities.


What are the problems we needed to solve?

Because there was a high level of variability in the way different accounting firms managed the Tax Season, the Product Strategy was to be generic enough to allow firms to customize their way of working into the product without having to spend too much time configuring the software.

Also, the tool needed to visually show the progress of the Tax season, like a static dashboard would do but also allow the tax season manager to act on the information presented to him/her.  The most important aspect of the design was to allow firms to see the tax returns that were taking longer than usual to complete.

It became clear that several people inside the firm had different level of information needs.  The challenge was to design 1 product with different interfaces per role while making sure that all personas within a role would also be pleased.


Description of the behavior and sketch of one of the features
Description of the behavior and sketch of one of the features

Designing the behavior

Several iterations of sketches were created and I worked with the firms I had previously interviewed in order to make the sketches met all their needs.

I demoed the behavior of the system at a trade-show where the goal was to get customer feedback and also to price the system.

Development and Market launch for Version 1

I helped Accountants better manage the Tax Season

 Let's develop and sell this baby

After the sketches were completed, they were validated with firms we had already met and also other firms new to this concept. The validation process included firm visits but also tradeshow presentations.

Once the validation was completed I created a business case to see how much revenues this product could generate and presented it to the executives. When I received the approval, I worked with one developer and a graphic design to make this product a reality.

During development, I also worked with the Marketing and Sales departments to create all the material needed to launch the product.


What is happening now?


After a successful launch of version 1.  The results spoke for themselves.  People loved Dashboard and the product successfully left the Innovation team to become continue its life as an official new product offering for Wolters Kluwer Canada.

Some big 4 accounting firms are also interesting in implementing Taxprep Dashboard in order to ease their personal and corporate tax season workflows.

The following video showcases a walkthrough of Taxprep Dashboard.